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Water Bowsers

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Water Bowsers

Site Supplies Direct presents their range of Water Bowsers which are driven by excellence. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK to a high-quality specification, whilst ensuring your requirements are met with a truly bespoke service. The bowsers are excellent value and cost-effective. They are robust, durable and designed for all conditions. They are ideal for providing onsite water storage and can be used within industries such as; construction, agriculture, utility companies, non-governmental organisations and for many other purposes. The bowsers can be mounted with pumps and or pressure washers to deliver on site cleaning, watering or dust suppression. They are designed with internal baffles to disrupt water flow in transit. Tanks can be provided for drinking water and or non-potable water.

They can also be used to transport diesel or other liquids with appropriate bunding and appropriate safety features. Site Supplies Direct have a wide range of bowsers available to which to choose. Sizes range from 500 to 2000 litres. Variants include highways approved trailers, on site or static. Trailers have extended frames to accommodate pumps or other equipment. Tanks can be manufactured in an engineering polymer or steel. Standard colours include blue, red, yellow, green and black. Whatever your requirements your perfect bowser can be produced.

Please Note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/-3% variation.



WRAS approved, black or boat blue colour options only
Designed and Manufactured in the UK
Guaranteed for 10 years (portable) and 2 years (non-portable)


Can be used for a variety of uses; drinking water, pressure, water, dust suppressant, plant watering, farming, fuel tanks and many more
Variety of colours available; blue (drinking water) , red, green, yellow, black (drinking water or non-portable).


800 Litre (3373L x 1540W x 930H in mm) 1250kg empty / 2050kg full
1100 Litre (3373L x 1540W x 1130H in mm) 1250kg empty / 2350kg full
1500 Litre (3373L x 1540W x 1430H in mm) 1350kg empty / 2850kg full

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