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Slot Block Barriers

Site Supplies Direct is the home of the Slot Block Barrier, the revolutionary site safety barrier.

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Slot Block Barriers

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Welcome to the home page of the Slot Block Barrier, revolutionary site safety barrier exclusively manufactured by Site Supplies Direct.

The slot block barrier is the only water filled barrier to hold a standard fencing panel to increase site safety, virtually eliminate potential trip hazards and give added stability to fence panels.

Independently tested my MIRA testing, the Slot Block Barrier will save time and money with the constant re-erection of site fencing and will give added visibility and corporate identity on ‘high profile’ sites.

Using the Slot Block barrier contractors dramatically reduce the working footprint by an average of 500mm against a standard Fence Block.

The Slot Block Barrier by Site Supplies Direct Ltd is protected by UK Registered Design No. 4035575

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The ONLY water filled barrier made to fit an industry standard 3.5 × 2m mesh panel.
Corporate colours available
Branding and ‘mould-in graphics’ available
1250 × 150 reflective strips can be added for increased visibility
Lights can be added for increased visibility


75mm Water Fill point
Small footprint for inner-city projects
Corporate colours available
Tested to 57mph by MIRA
Rotates 90 degrees
50mm drainage point for easy emptying
20 Units per Double Pallet (9no 3.5m Complete sets)


600mm high (highest point)
3500mm long
380mm wide
Weighs 14kg when empty
Weighs 320kg when full (per 2 units, 1 panel)

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